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ADELTE kicks off the Smart way at Interairport in Munich

Oct 11th 2011 | ,

Barcelona, 11th October 2011 – ADELTE Airport Technologies (“ADELTE”), a Spanish engineering company based in Barcelona, presents its new brand, four product groups and two innovative passenger terminal solutions at the world’s premier airport exhibition, Inter Airport Europe, and at the simultaneously running Smart Airports Conference, both held in Munich, Germany from today until October 14th 2011.


ADELTE Airport Technologies, founded in 2011, is part of the ADELTE Group, which also comprises the engineering companies TEAM Ports & Maritime and TEAM Ingenieria del Transporte. ADELTE Group was created by a group of private investors who two decades previously had founded TEAM Tecnologia Europea Aplicada al Movimiento.


At Inter Airport Europe and the Smart Airports Conference, ADELTE will present the following two innovative patented Passenger Terminal Solutions: APRONAUT and ServiKart.


APRONAUT is the world’s first software-based PBB docking simulator designed to give personnel experience and skills in authentic docking situations. APRONAUT simulation offers a rich multimedia and interactive experience, providing a virtual environment where an individual can make mistakes without consequences, allowing operators to become more confident and familiar with the apron environment and the necessary PBB docking equipment. APRONAUT can be customized to conform to the specific airport where the simulators are used, including the taxiway configuration and for all types of aircraft in operation.


ServiKart is a complete baggage cart management system that uses the latest radio frequency tracking technology to monitor individual baggage carts, giving airports the capacity to trace and control the movement of every cart in real-time, ensuring vastly improved passenger service and significant cost savings. ServiKart’s combined hardware and software system is engineered to deliver 100% accurate tracking and location data for each baggage cart inside and outside the passenger terminal – in real-time.