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Case Study: Barcelona Airport, Terminal 1

T1 Challenges

T1 Challenges

During construction of the new Terminal 1 in Barcelona, ADELTE was asked to provide a state-of-the-art baggage cart management system that would combine the latest in airport trends with the cutting edge wireless technology already planned for the terminal. Barcelona Airport wanted a system that would provide baggage cart service to passengers for free, ensuring that an optimal number of carts were always available, reducing staffing costs and protecting against theft.
The new Terminal 1 has 166 check-in counters, 12.000 parking spaces, and the capacity for 8.000 pieces of luggage and 90 flights per hour. It was originally estimated that 5.600 large and 1.900 small baggage carts were needed for the new 544.066 m2 terminal.

ServiKart’s Solution

ServiKart was selected as the best and winning solution. With ServiKart, Barcelona Airport, successfully utilizes its Wi-Fi network at Terminal 1 for real-time visibility of all carts in the terminal building, baggage area and parking structures.
Servikart's Solution
Key implementation highlights

Customized Design

Desktop, handheld PDA of TABLET PC software in Spanish was customized for Barcelona Airport T1 using detailed CAD drawings.

Airport saves money

Cart service is provided to passengers at no cost. Only 4.000 large and 1.285 small carts are needed for the ServiKart system. Barcelona Airport T1 saved 314.275€

Outsourcing Management

By choosing to outsource the management of ServiKart to the experts at ADELTE, Barcelona Airport T1 is able to concentrate on their core business and save money and valuable infrastructure.

Carts always available

Collection Points with built in exciters are located at key areas of the terminal to ensure the availability of baggage carts.

Full visibility

All carts are equipped with an RFID tag that transmits data in real-time, giving 100% visibility of each cart 24/7.

Less staff

31% fewer staff are needed than in other solutions.

Barcelona Airport Saves money with ServiKart Solution

Other solutions ServiKart Savings
Carts 4.652 large / 1.600 small 4.000 large / 1.285 small 314.275,00€
Operational staff 122 dedicated staff 84 dedicated staff 701.812,50€
Theft per day (cart=325€) 2,5 carts 0,48 carts 239.622,50€

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