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ServiKart is a combined hardware and software system engineered to deliver 100% accurate tracking and location data for each cart inside and outside the airport passenger terminal – in real-time.


So how does it work?

Each baggage cart is equipped with an RFID tag that communicates both actively and passively with the ServiKart server via “exciters” and a Wi-Fi network. The data that is transmitted to the server is viewed on a monitor or PDA through the user-friendly software. The software displays the exact location of each cart, whether or not the cart requires maintenance, if it is at risk of being removed from a designated airport zone, etc.
Motion-activated RFID tags

Motion-activated RFID tags

  • Real-time 24/7 tracking.
  • Carts switch from “passive/standby” mode to “active” mode when in use and stay in continuous contact with the ServiKart system until they are idle again for more than 10 seconds.
  • Tags are durable.
  • Can be added to all existing carts.
  • No need to buy new carts.
  • Long battery life.


  • Monitor the movement of each cart in the airport.
  • RFID tags are triggered by the exciter to send a message to the Wi-Fi network. This message provides instant and accurate data that a cart passed by a certain area, through a doorway, etc.
  • Immediately triggers a system alarm at pre-determined exits for theft prevention.
  • Use triangulation to locate carts to within 1 meter of their current position.
  • Innovative design is modern and attractive.
ServiKart Software

ServiKart Software

  • Each time the Wi-Fi network sends a message, the ServiKart server updates the system.
  • The system calculates the exact location of each cart at all times.
  • Alerts are sent to staff PDAs and also to the team manager monitoring the desktop software.
  • This allows staff to perfectly manage cart inventory, even during peak hours.
  • Anti-theft alerts are sent with immediate top priority.
  • Uses a local area network (LAN).
  • Stores maintenance data for each and advises when next routine service is due.

Do you need complementary products and services?

We can provide high quality baggage Cart, complete staffing and cart maintenance outsourcing for your airport.


Top-quality Baggage Carts

Top-quality Baggage Carts

ServiKart’s durable and attractive carts available with or without brakes, for use on passenger conveyors, with or without advertisement monetization space, etc.
Complete Maintenance

Complete Maintenance

ServiKart offers complete maintenance packages, from replacing batteries in the tag to servicing wheels and braking systems.

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Any airport that greets a large volume of occassional or tourist travelers and prefers to offer free cart service to passengers can benefit from ServiKart.