Baggage Cart Management System
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Today’s Challenges

Inefficient management of baggage carts in the world’s busiest airports is costly and can seriously affect passenger flow:

Pay-for-use models are unpopular with travelers:

Airports that require passengers to pay for use of baggage carts can be an annoyance for busy travellers and can negatively affect the overall perception of the airport. Additionally, extra security staff are required to deal with vagrants loitering in the parking areas begging to return carts from travelers in order to pocket the return deposit fee.

Capital and operational expenses are increased:

A surplus of thousands of extra carts is needed to ensure all baggage claim, drop-off and parking areas are sufficiently stocked with carts at all times.

On average, airports lose 2,5 carts per day to theft:

Without a viable system for detecting carts outside approved boundaries theft occurs daily.
Today's Challenges
The Solution: ServiKart

The Solution: ServiKart

Baggage Cart Management System

ServiKart is ADELTE’s latest innovation, developed for airports to improve customer care and reduce operational spending without charging passengers for a traditionally complimentary value-added service.
Our combined hardware and software system is engineered to deliver 100% accurate tracking and location data for each cart inside and outside the airport passenger terminal – in real time.
By enabling carts with an RFID tag that communicates both actively and passively with the ServiKart server via “exciters” and a Wi-Fi network, airports improve the customer experience and drastically reduce costs associated to baggage carts.

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